Wombat Plushie "Wombert"
Wombat Plushie "Wombert"
Wombat Plushie "Wombert"

Wombat Plushie "Wombert"

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After playing our game so many of you asked if we could make a plush version of one of the game's most popular characters: the wombat!

We reached out to several partners to see if and how this could be possible, but since the crafting wouldn't be cheap and the minimum order amount would be 500 wombats, we weren't sure if there were that many of you that would actually buy one. And although we loved the idea of 500 wombats being shipped to our office (can you imagine?!?), we kind of gave up on the idea. That is until we had the idea to just start a poll on our new merch store to find out if we could find homes for our 500 friends!

To help us find out if we can actually afford producing a first batch of wombats, please answer the poll honestly! We'll get back to everyone taking part in the poll as soon as we're sure that production can start!

Also note that the wombat shown in the picture is just a prototype we made ourselves. The final ones will be made by professionals and most likely look even cuter ;) 

Wombert is roughly 9 inch (23cm) long and comes with his very own, delicious berry!

Thank you! :) 
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