New Merch Store and Kickstarter reward info!

A lot of you folks have been asking us about some Lost Ember merch over the last couple of months and of course we've been working to get that to you as soon as possible. And here we are! :) 

We're starting off with posters and our Lost Ember jackets! But other merch like t-shirts, the soundtrack on CD and vinyl or "The Art of Lost Ember" art book will shortly be available as well. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter right at the bottom of the page to not miss any new items in the store or just go ahead and pre-order anything you'd like!

Note for our lovely Kickstarter backers: your physical reward packages will be sent out very soon! The last thing we're waiting for is the production of the art book which should take only a few weeks. We'll keep you updated and will notify you when we start shipping!

And lastly, if you want to see any other merch on here, feel free to reach out with your ideas! 


Much love,

your moonies

  • Savannah on

    Any update on the wombat plushie?? With the holidays coming up I’d love to see it myself and many fans are desperate for one 🥺🖤

  • on

    i want a plush wombat

  • on

    i like wombat

  • Saffron on

    Wolf statue or plushie would be amazing I’d happily sink my life’s savings into one

  • Jan on

    just wanted to ask if there are any news about Wombert. Every few weeks I find myself looking for the plushie (konowing, that there was no newsletter). Maybe we could have a short update on your plans there?
    Love, Jan.

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