Lost Ember Soundtrack  - Compact Disc
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Lost Ember Soundtrack - Compact Disc

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A soundtrack as colorful, diverse and beautiful as Lost Ember’s flora and fauna.

The Original Game Soundtrack contains every piece of in-game and the beloved trailer songs “All that you are”, “Your Light” and the brand-new “Come Back Home” featured in the release trailer.
Let our soundtrack take you back to the land that once was home to the Yanrana and relive your journey through the vast landscapes of Lost Ember.


Main Title
Flashback I
A Great Gift
Light & Dark
Forgotten Love
Flashback II
Rising Soul
Flashback III
Gathering Followers
Flashback IV
The Calm Before the Storm
In Sight
Whispering Towers
Flashback V - Burial Ceremony
Close to the Sun
Entering City
The Temple
Taking Action
Breaking Point
Everything she Hoped
Finally in Reach
The Fire
Flashback VI
Things we’ve Lost in the Fire
Past Mistakes
Separated from the Herde
New Friends
Terrible Truth
No Turning Back
Flashback VII
Temple of the Sun
City of Light
All That You Are
Come Back Home
Announcement Trailer
Your Light
Your Light - Intrumental
All that you are - Instrumental

Total length: 99:23:00


Composed by Will Morton
Dorian Behner
John Broomhall
Craig Connor
Maisy Kay